DELTA 5® PRO is a competition-grade, semiautomatic shotgun that is a member of the DELTA 5 class of shotguns and the latest addition to our DELTA line of tactical shotguns. The DELTA 5® PRO is built from fully machined forgings for long-lasting durability and power. It features a Super-Tall Ejector, Self Adjusting Modular Comb System, Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad, and more to maximize your shot control.

The Delta 5 Pro is the ultimate pro competition gun and has been developed with feedback from top shooters in order to maximize performance. The gun features a long barrel for improved accuracy, totally new stock made of glass fiber reinforced polymer for immediate target acquisition and good stability during shooting, high-end ergonomic adjustable cheek piece - with a very wide range of adjustment.

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Firearms Education & Training Others (including NFA) is a business education and training opportunity offered by the National Rifle Association and hosts that include firearm instructors, range operators and law enforcement officers. This program helps them to learn about subjects such as safety, leadership, legal topics and more. Since these individuals will be operating a firearms training business or instructing others who wish to operate one, it is important that they have a detailed understanding of the law, liability insurance restrictions/requirements, how to conduct safe firearms training operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and how to promote self-defense while maintaining public safety. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive firearms training and education for all ages, levels and demographics. We teach safe and responsible use of weapons to civilians and law enforcement professionals.

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